Skoda’s New Electric Vehicle is Heading to Shanghai Expo, New Teaser Image Released

Skoda Teaser Image

Skoda has an all-electric vehicle scheduled for launch and its first look will be revealed at the Shanghai Expo.

The company is expected to show the concept during the event before which they have released a teaser image.

With two different auto expos scheduled to take place next month, car enthusiasts are in for a treat. The Shanghai reveal was earlier confirmed by Skoda’s chief executive officer Bernhard Maier during the 2017 Geneva motor show. He commented that the Chinese audiences are in for a surprise when the company launches its all-electric concept car during the upcoming show.

Skoda Teaser Image

“We are excited with our plans for Shanghai. The announcement will show what Skoda is capable of in the electric mobility department. The upcoming concept model will give people an idea of what our brand is building and the way future cars will look like,” he said during the Geneva expo.

A new teaser image released online now gives us a quick glimpse of the type of car the company is building. While the release confirmed that they are indeed gearing up to launch something new next month in China, it also showcased a sleek car with a body inspired by a coupe. The front and rear end are dominated by headlights similar to the ones found in the Kodiaq SUV and Superb Saloon variants.

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The first hybrid Superb edition is scheduled for launch in 2019 according to the statement made by Maier. Once the hybrid is successfully delivered, they will work on adding the fully electric car to their lineup. The new range of platforms to be used by Skoda will be designed to accommodate an electric motor and a petrol engine. The same can be used for all-electric cars as the powertrain space can be used to mount the battery.

Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda will also borrow some important technologies from their associated brands including Audi, Volkswagen and maybe even SEAT. Companies have been actively sharing technology with one another so that they could stay ahead of the race and not lose to the new range of electric cars made by relatively new automobile manufacturers. Tesla has already captured a major market share while many new entrants are showing off their concepts. Skoda will compete with them all by 2020 with their all-electric vehicle lineup. The CEO didn’t reveal more information but the teaser confirmed that we have something to look forward to at the 2017 Shanghai auto expo.

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