Skoda will Showcase an All-Electric Concept Car at Shanghai Motor Show


Skoda is ready to join the all-electric fray this year as the company will showcase their first EV concept at the Shanghai Motor Show.

The Geneva expo is still underway but the manufacturer seems to be not ready to exhibit their electric car yet.

Skoda Shanghai Motor Show

In a recent interview to a popular automobile magazine, Skoda’s CEO Bernhard Maier not so subtly quoted that there is an electric shock for audience who visit their stall at the Chinese auto expo this year. As the interview progressed, he confirmed that the brand is looking forward to expand their powertrain options. “We are excited to bring something new to the Shanghai show. The model will showcase what Skoda’s electrical mobility will look like.”

Most automobile manufacturers are aiming to bring their electric vehicles to the stores by 2019. While autonomous driving is still in its early stages, EVs have come a long way and a lot of hybrid cars are already being used by the average person. Skoda’s head didn’t reveal what they plan to show at the upcoming auto expo. Based on his interview, it is speculated that the company will showcase an all-electric concept vehicle.

“A plug-in hybrid named Superb is what we have planned to launch by 2019. The all-electric vehicle which will be built after this one will hit the market in 2020. By creating the EV, we can confidently say that it’s a huge leap for the brand in terms of technology and innovation. The electric cars are being adopted in a huge way like never before that has given us the confidence to step into the market,” he said.

Skoda already has access to the technology and the electric car platform they need. The company has access to technologies developed by Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT. Volkswagen has a lot of successful EVs including the popular e-Golf and e-UP. There is even an e-Mii from SEAT which when combined together provides everything that Skoda needs to build an all-electric vehicle of their own. However, the brand is not going to launch it in a hurry but rather develop a concept from the scratch and is prepping for a solid reveal three years later.


When questioned about the delay, Maier clarified that 2020 seems like a feasible time for electric mobility and it is when customers will actually want to own all-electric cars. Skoda doesn’t aim to the leader in every technology but focus on delivering a complete customer experience by making things accessible that suits their needs.

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