Skyrim: Clip Shows Courier Approaching Player Because Of Glitch


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game that is filled with countless bugs.

While some of these bugs make things difficult for the players at times, there are a few bugs that add to the fun of playing the game. The Anniversary Edition, which was launched a while back, also featured many glitches. Despite all these issues, the game has managed to retain its position on the popularity charts. The bugs, in fact, have become such an integral and interesting part of Skyrim that fans cannot imagine the game without them.


Recently, a rather weird clip was posted to the Skyrim Subreddit by a user named Godleft. The user had successfully captured an interesting moment which shows the notorious courier, whose job involves chasing the Dragonbornacross different locations, approaching the player. What is weird about this incident is that instead of approaching the player in a straightforward manner, the courier reaches out to them by rising from the ground.

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An NPC emerging from the floor to engage with the player would make for a very strange and creepy sight in a regular game. In Skyrim, however, one has got accustomed to seeing such strange visuals pop up in the open world Bethesda title. In the recent past, there have been several instances of the courier behaving strangely because of a bug. One such instance involved the courier approaching the player while they were in water.

How on earth? from skyrim

While some fans find these bugs funny, there are many who are quite disappointed with the fact that the game continues to be plagued with glitches after being around for so many years. Though game-breaking glitches are rare to come by, the developing team should take the grievances of the fans seriously and work more diligently towards limiting the presence of bugs in the game.

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