Sony Announces The Drop, New PS4 Games Coming Next Week

sony ps4 orcs must die

A bunch of interesting new titles are all set to get launched on the PS4 console next week.

Sony on their official blog made the announcement and the games that you could look forward to. Out of the lot, the big release is Orcs Must Die Unchained which is sure to be a great entry for players who love tower defense titles, especially with menacing orcs.

The Drop is Here

While Sony has largely focused on the PS4 console, there are some good games coming to the PS3, PS Vita and the PS VR consoles. Players who have spent a solid $400 or so to purchase the virtual reality headset obviously needs some great collection. The number of titles available for the PS VR is steadily growing and should be much better in the following months.

sony ps4 99vidas

99Vidas is cross platform title which is scheduled to get launched on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles. Being a 16-bit brawler, it would look and play the same on every console irrespective of the hardware power it has.

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Archangel is a title for the PS VR machine while the large PS4 library further expands with Children of Zodiarcs, Conga Master, Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and the grand Orcs Must Die: Unchained. If you are planning to enjoy the Fallen Legion series on your compact handheld PS Vita console, there is an option. Flames of Rebellion from the same series will be made available on the handheld allowing players to explore the world on the go.

sony ps4 Children of Zodiarcs

Orcs Must Die has been around for a long time. The cartoon like graphics in the game is just the one of many advantages that makes it so popular. You can enjoy playing it the best with a friend on the PS4 console where you have to defend your tower as hoards of orcs emerge from all sides trying to take you down. It is a team based title that adds to the interest factor.

The PS4 Drop also includes Robot Riot: Hyper Edition, Superhot while there is a Superhot VR edition. Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles will also be made available on the Playstation 4 console next week. A couple of movies and music will also land on the platform providing a complete entertainment solution for you, whenever you plan to take a break from those endless hours of gaming. The new releases for PS Vita is less yet again which is slightly disappointing.

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