Sony is Trying a Workaround for PS2, PS3 Games on PS5 Using Cloud Streaming


Sony’s PS5 has received more attention than ever because, in some ways, the teams at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have managed to surpass PC gaming in terms of performance.

While it is a debatable argument, they have definitely upped the ante by including SSD as the default storage drive with nearly 10 teraflops or more graphical power in both consoles.

When these products get launched towards the end of 2020, they will be able to run modern games on 4K resolution for a couple of years. However, the big difference between the upcoming PS5 console from Sony and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is the backward compatibility.

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Microsoft has managed to make all their games run directly on an Xbox One console already. You could use a disc from the past and play original Xbox games without any difficulty. However, Sony is trying to find a workaround that would finally allow them to provide the same service.

Cloud-Based Sony PlayStation Emulators

Sony is working on a new patent which suggests that PS1, PS2 and PS3 games may not natively run on the PS5 console but would be enabled by using cloud architecture. They will be emulated online and directly streamed to the console. Considering the increasing internet speed that is being made available to players across the globe, the company believes that the future will be different. Instead of having to try hard on the architecture, they would rather have the consoles running on virtual machines and with the help of the internet, the PS5 will allow players to combine both to deliver the experience to gamers.


Making Use of the Create Button

The newly announced PlayStation 5 console has lots to look forward to including the DualSense controller with a create button. According to the patent spotted by Renka _Schedule, there is an option to record and create mini-games. The gameplay recorded from your actual play time can quickly be shared with friends and is being mentioned with the new feature called scene tagging. It is similar to what is offered by Nvidia and AMD on PC platforms where you can snap highlights so as to share them with friends.

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The Sony patent shows a promising future for PS5 because you will be able to play all your favorite old games. The only catch is that it should be allowed for free if you already own the game as Xbox Series X does rather than having to purchase it or go for a cloud subscription service.

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