Sony Reveals Xperia Ear Wireless, Open Back Earbud Concept at Mobile World Congress 2017

Xperia Ear Wireless

Sony hogged the limelight with their XZs and other smartphone launches.

There was an Xperia Ear wireless ear bud with an open back design as well which was discussed during the reveal at Mobile World Congress 2017.

Sony Xperia Ear Wireless

The only catch is that this particular product is yet to be officially launched and is in its concept stage. However, that didn’t stop Sony from talking about the Xperia Ear and showing some of the concept images they have created for this upcoming product. The company also revealed some technical aspects of how this would work and be an efficient accessory for the newly launched flagship XZ series smartphones.

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The Xperia Ear is built-in with the virtual assistant making it easy for users to access multiple features on their smartphone, without having to peek into their screens. The open style concept is known among audiophiles and people who enjoy industry grade headphones. It is quite a new concept for a wireless ear bud as it will not be closed on the sides, allowing external noise to come in.

While it might sound like a bad idea to not provide noise isolation for a portable pair of earbuds, Sony argues that it will make life more secure for their users. Such portable devices are often used on the road, while jogging and when travelling to work. With the open back design, you will be able to know what’s going around. It is easy to listen to traffic sounds, be safe and also much easier at office where you won’t be fully isolated when your colleagues want to discuss something with you.

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The internal components used in the Sony Xperia Ear open style concept remains a mystery at the moment. The speaker will be circular in shape and there will be a housing on top allowing them to be used for long periods of time without discomfort. The virtual assistant can recognize both voice and hand gestures on the go. Additionally, Sony will add the new “Anytime Talk” feature that will allow you to move your head to scroll through contact list and create group calls.

Xperia Ear Wireless

Rotating your head in a specific way to access contacts is not so nifty as it may make you look like a lunatic running through the streets. But, we hope Sony will find more civilized ways to access it. They are also working with Line app to offer a new integrated voice experience. Pricing and availability will be announced close to launch date for the Xperia Ear.

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