Sony Xperia A 2018 Render Shows Front Facing Speakers, Dual Camera and In-display Fingerprint Sensor

Sony A 2018 edition

A designer who loves to render smartphone models before their official launch has revealed the Sony Xperia A 2018 edition.

The rendered design is showcased in a video posted on YouTube and it looks simply fantastic giving users a deep insight of what to expect from the flagship model.

When Sony unveiled the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact models at the Mobile World Congress 2018, the crowd wasn’t impressed with what the company had to offer. Most smartphone manufacturers are moving towards a slim bezel-less display with futuristic models and if you love the brand for what it is, the Xperia A 2018 might be the phone to look forward to if the predictions made by designer ‘Multiple Owners’ is to become true on launch date.

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Stylish Metal Unibody Design

It’s easy to admit that the new Xperia A 2018 looks like a Japanese phone as reported by CNBeta and doesn’t directly compete with its Western counterparts from LG and Samsung. The phone has a stylish silver finish with a metal unibody design that seamlessly flows through from the top till the end with slightly curved edges. A surprising move is that the designers didn’t hesitate to have much larger bezels on top to accommodate the dual speaker, hi-res surround sound experience combined with a thin bezel at the bottom.

Sony A 2018 edition front speakers

Front Facing Stereo Speakers, True Hi-Res Audio

People who love music and movies would definitely appreciate what Sony might do with the new Xperia A 2018 edition if the render turns out to be real. The phone proudly sports large front speakers powered by the company’s unique audio technology. Similar to LG and Samsung, Sony has a strong presence in the consumer appliances market including television, headphones and speaker systems. They might be planning to implement the best technologies to make this a unique model.

Sony Xperia A 2018

Going Retro is Good

The smartphone industry is moving towards what they call the future by removing headphone jacks and front speakers but Sony is going all retro. The phone’s design looks a lot like MP3 players from the past decade yet looks stylishly new and proudly sports a 3.5mm headphone jack. The display comes with a full screen 18:9 aspect ratio. It also has a dual rear camera setup but there is no fingerprint sensor found in the rear.

Sony Xperia A 2018 may feature an in-display fingerprint sensor or a touch responsive button mounted in the front. The rendered design is purely based on rumors and leaks. The actual model might vary in terms of specifications and overall design, added the designers ‘Multiple Owners’.

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