Mysterious Samsung Galaxy Model (SM-G8850) with 5.6-inch Round Corner Display and 3000 mAh Battery Appears in TENAA

Galaxy S8 Mini

A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone with model number SM-G8850 has made been certified in TENAA with mid-range specs.

Samsung already has quite a few new launches coming up this year and that includes the confirmed Galaxy Note 9 flagship model as well. The company now has some undisclosed models as well and one such mysterious Galaxy Phone has been spotted in a TENAA listing.

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The phone goes by the model number SM-G8850 and can be confirmed to be a compact mid-range device. This model is yet to be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance or Bluetooth or any other certification but some of the hardware specifications are already known, thanks to the new listing.

SM-G8850 – Galaxy S8 Mini or S9 Mini?

The new device will have a 5.6-inch compact display with rounded corners. The dimensions are revealed as 147.7×68.7×8.4(mm).  According to these dimensions, the overall screen size measures to be 5.8-inches but the display would be 5.6-inches, in addition to the rounded edges as mentioned in the listing.

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As Samsung has been continuously launching all their phones with Infinity Display, the upcoming model can be expected to be on the same line. Rumored to be the S9 Mini or the S8 Mini, the phone supports dual SIM cards and is likely to be come with Android 8.0 just like all the new launches. The rounded corners are expected to be a unique and stylish design choice that Samsung engineers have chosen to adopt in this unidentified device.

New Build Number – G8850ZCU0ARD1

Recently, the popular tipster MMDDJ recently mentioned on Twitter that there’s a new device being tested with the build number G8850ZCU0ARD1. The tweet also made it clear that it’s a mid-range model.

The Galaxy Note 9 could find its way sooner into the market than the Mini-versions of S8 and S9 because there are multiple renders, leaked screenshots and specifications of the Note 9 whereas the Mini version continues to be an elusive, unidentified model from Samsung. It is yet to be certified anywhere and this fact confirms the launch date is quite far as the phone is still in its early stages of development.

Confirmed Model Numbers SM-G8850 and SM-G8750

Earlier, we reported that the model number SM-G8750, which appeared on Geekbench, could be the Galaxy S9 Mini. From the specs revealed so far in TENAA listing, do you think this device could be the Galaxy S8 Mini? Share your views in the comments below.

We’ll keep you updated once we have more info on this.

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