Unicode 10 to Be Released With Diverse Emojis Including Breastfeeding, Hijab, Zombie, and More

unicode 10 diverse emojis

Apple had recently introduced its full support for Unicode 9.0 of iOS 10.2 which is still in the developer beta stages.

There were new additions to the platform that included emojis for a facepalm, shrug, drooling face, pizza, and whiskey, new sports like basketball and professions like scientists among many others, which came in different skin tones for both the genders. Now, the world has been able to get a glimpse of some emojis which might make their way to the mobile platforms of both Google and Apple by the next year since the Unicode Consortium has just approved and released the 51 new emojis which have been proposed for inclusion in the Unicode 10 standard. The new list of emojis includes almost everything right from a vampire to a nude person in a steamy room.

unicode 10 diverse emojis

Animal Emoji Inclusions

There have been some interesting additions of a few animals as the new emoticons that include dinosaurs, zebra, hedgehog, and a giraffe. The dinosaurs come in two different variants, one as a Sauropod and the other as the favorite T-Rex.

Emojis for Diverse User Base

Though there have been additions of emoticons in almost every other field, however, the most noticeable and admirable part about the new emoticons is that the diverse user base has been acknowledged. In the past, there were emojis which were released for different skin tones for both the genders in every possible sport and profession. But now, the new emojis have gone a step further in this direction, for the good.

In the recent list of emoticons that were released by Unicode, there has been included an emoji depicting a woman who is wearing a hijab, another emoji showing a woman who is breastfeeding, and a man who has a long beard. Other human representations include an adult, a child, a bearded adult apart from the bearded person, person with a headscarf, a person in a steamy room, a person who is climbing, a person in the lotus position, and a face with a monocle. It does make a lot of sense that the emojis which represent all the diverse cultures in some form or the other have been included, keeping in mind the fact that all these applications which use these emojis have a wide user base on the global platform.

Mythical Emoticons

There have been emoticons representing the different fictional creatures which have also made their way to the list. As of now, these new additions of mythical and fictional creatures include an emoji for a vampire, an elf, a genie, a zombie, a merperson, a fairy, and a Mage (wizard, witch, sorcerer, etc).

Emojis for Foodies

A plethora of completely new food- related items have made their way to the Unicode’s list of emoticons. The new food-related emojis include a pretzel, a cut of meat, a cup with a straw, a sandwich, broccoli, canned food, a coconut, a pie, and a bowl of soup with a spoon.

Other Emoji Inclusions

Many other emojis have been included which depict different fields and bases. There have been inclusions of emojis representing clothing like a billed cap, a coat, socks, gloves, and a scarf. Body organs like the brain and an orange heart. Sports like Cricket have also been included. Apart from the sled, a flying saucer, a curling stone, palms up together, and a ‘I Love You’ hand sign, there have been inclusions of emoticons depicting grinning face with star face, grinning face with crazy eyes, face with the finger covering closed lips, a serious face with symbols covering the mouth, a smiling face with smiling eyes and hand covering the mouth, a face with open mouth vomiting, and a shocked face with exploding head.

unicode 10 emojis

According to Emojipedia, the complete list of the finalized emojis is expected to be made available to the public along with the release of Unicode 10.0 sometime in mid-2017. It is worth noting that though all these emojis have been approved, there is every possibility that all these may not make it to the final version of the Unicode. Also, once they are released, all these emojis might eventually look a bit different from the sketches and images that have been proposed.

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