Why Should You Start Using Google Chrome Even More Now?

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser when compared to other browsers in the world.

However, being the most wanted browser has not given complete contentment to the Chrome team, as it keeps facing constant criticism over a few anticipated drawbacks which are accompanied by its usage. It has also been condemned several times for having a bad impact on the battery life of the mobile devices. Though Google was aware of these short falling, it could not help any sooner on fixing these issues. It has been working in the past one year on improving the performance and energy efficiency of the Chrome browser. On Tuesday, a report published by the Chrome Blog post claims that the browser has managed to deliver a double-digit improvement in terms of battery life efficiency as well as speed in the last one year with consistent updates that were provided by the search giant.

Google Chrome is Now Faster than Ever

According to the blog post, Chrome claims that speed has always been a priority for them. This realization comes with a simple reason that plenty of users around the world use Chrome for the minutest search that a page loading delay of even few seconds every time can add up to so many lost minutes every day. So, Google decided to update its browser by augmenting the speed range, by improving performance and added new payment features too.

The company has reported that when compared to the last year, the latest version Chrome 53 has been 15 percent faster on both the desktop and Android versions when it was compared to the older version Chrome 46. This was checked and reported true by Speedometer, the popular browser benchmark website. This improvement comes as a boon for people who keep working against a deadline or any last minute rush-ups.


Google has also claimed that by implementing its tools for efficient power management, Chrome 53 for Mac uses almost 33 percent less power for every action ranging from images and videos to even just scrolling of pages when compared to the Chrome 46 version for Mac. Henceforth, a lot more browsing and work can be done by using Chrome browser from a single battery charge.

Google Chrome has now added support to PaymentRequest web standard which in turn, supports Android Pay too. Online shopping now comes with as little as a single tap.

It feels great when you get as much browsing time as possible from the laptop’s battery life. Google has worked on that too. Reports claim that the Chrome browser now allows the users to watch a lot more videos on its websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo than last year. They come with the latest updates which make the browser extra battery efficient.

Just last week, Chrome 53 version for PCs had been promoted to the stable channel. It also delivers Material Design for Windows users, which come along with security fixes.

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