Top Three New Features on the Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 has just become official and the American giant required the launch of the device as soon as possible in order to revive sales figures.

In order to do so, the new Apple iPhone 7 features some key changes which will go a long way towards making the phone stand out.

  1. New Home Button

3D Touch was a revolutionary feature on the last generation iPhone and it seems that Apple has extended this aspect to the home button as well. No longer is it a single action button with a built-in fingerprint sensor; the home button can recognize different pressures accordingly although it still offers the same feedback while returning to the home screen from inside an app. The new home button is subtle yet makes a big difference to the way the iPhone 7 is used.


  1. Dual Camera Set up on the iPhone 7 Plus

The dual camera setup has been in much of a one aspect on the iPhone 7. As expected, it has made its presence felt only on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Combining a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens provides Apple with the ability to offer DSLR charging capabilities by blurring out the background in the case of a portrait shot. However, this ability will be available only as an update later in the life-cycle of the phone. For now, users can take advantage of the two lenses which cater to different requirements.

  1. Stereo Speakers

Stereo speakers should be one of the default elements on a high end phones like the iPhone. Yet, past generations have had to do with just a single speaker located at the bottom of the device. This was not a great placement especially when it came to gaming or watching movies. The iPhone 7 improves on this aspect by offering a front facing stereo speaker in addition to the bottom speaker. Apple claims that the addition of the speaker makes the phone twice as loud as the iPhone 6S. The feature was especially the need of the hour to take on competition.

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