Steam Deck To Be Released In Multiple Countries

Steam Deck

On 25 February, Valve released the hybrid console Steam Deck.

While it did come under some criticism for some of its shortcomings like limited battery life, it got largely good reviews and positive responses from the consumers. The shortcomings, one hopes, will go away once the product gets updated in the near future. Overall, industry experts are quite pleased with the way the console has shaped up. A few of them have even predicted about it being a strong competitor to the Nintendo Switch.

The company has released the console in limited quantities. Many of the customers, who pre-ordered the product, are still waiting for it to arrive. Those residing outside countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and Canada have been finding it quite difficult to procure the console. Valve has assured its potential customers across the globe by stating that the company will be launching it in multiple counties this year itself.

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On Monday afternoon, Valve released an official statement to address the concerns surrounding its limited availability. In the statement, the video game developer stated that the internal team is working extremely hard to ensure that the console is manufactured in sufficient quantities and is accessible to all those who wish to have it.

In the same statement, Valve confirmed that the team is contemplating releasing Steam Deck in ‘additional regions’ before 2022 comes to an end. Though the company has not released an official list of the countries they are planning to extend Steam Deck’s release to, the company has confirmed that Japan is a strong contender.

It has also been notified that it will take a while for the console to be available in certain international markets. The company’s statement, however, has given fans hope that regular updates will be provided on Steam Deck in the future.

Steam Deck

The fact that Japan has been mentioned in the company’s official statement has got many fans excited. Japan is a country that is known to have some of the best PC gamers in the world. Games like Overwatch and League of Legends have seen tremendous success coming their way in the country. That being said, the Steam platform achieved just about average success in the country. Valve must be hoping to build a strong foundation for itself in the country with the release of Steam Deck in the region.

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The post shared by Valve carried some positive news for the customers of Steam Deck who are based in the counties wherein the console is already being released. The video game developer has confirmed that it is taking effective steps to increase the production of Steam Deck and now, it has a lot more clarity about the way it plans to schedule the release of Steam Deck in different countries.

Customers, who are in the waitlist’s Q3 section, have a chance to see their reservation status by browsing through the product page of Steam Deck. You will need to have a registered account on the Steam website to access this service. Earlier, this feature was exclusively rolled out to Q1 and Q2 reservation holders.

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