Sims 4: New Delivery Express Drop (SDX) Features Dragon Age Merchandise

Delivery Express drop

Along with a necessary bug fix, the newest Sims Delivery Express drop has resulted in the arrival of new Dragon Age items in The Sims 4.

Sims Delivery Express, also referred to as SDX, first came into prominence in 2021. In the last few months, SDX drops have comprised of new hairstyles, clothing items and food.

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The official Twitter account of the Dragon Age has also made an announcement about new Create A Sim items being introduced in the game. An article on Sims Community, which sheds light on the Sims Delivery Express drop, reveals the fact that this new release includes a variety of shirts for both male and female characters. There are also three tattoos, a Dragon Age baseball cap and a few other items that revolve around the theme of the game.

One of the most important things that the SDX drop has brought to the table, undoubtedly, is a fix for a bug in Sims 4 that was the cause behind ‘unprompted cruelty’ in the game. It was leading to Sims behaving rudely and coming across as mean. The new SDX ensures that only those Sims that have been given traits like Mean will act rudely in an unprompted manner. For many players, this is an important fix and one they had been waiting to arrive for a while.

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Traditionally, the SDX drops have always featured minor additions. This time, however, the content has been quite interesting. Earlier, the game would undergo a major change and that would result in the breaking of mods and custom content. While many fans are curious about Project Rene, which is said to be the code name for The Sims 5, many fans still wish for The Sims 4 to get better and offer them more innovative content.

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