Suzuki Details Swift Sport Before Frankfurt Expo Launch

Suzuki Swift Sport

With the Frankfurt auto expo closeby, the major automobile brands are joining the fray by launching their models one after the other.

Suzuki is the latest one to join the lot as they revealed the Swift Sport much ahead to the event’s launch date.

The Frankfurt show is a long way to go as it takes place only in the month of September. But, brands which want to ensure their cars get enough attention in media and reach their customers showcase them earlier. The marketing strategy usually works to a good extent because Suzuki didn’t reveal everything about the upcoming Swift Sport. Instead, they have kept the important information under wraps while sharing a teaser of what to expect from the car.

Suzuki Swift Sport rear

When the car gets launched, it is going to go against the Volkswagen Up! GTI edition which is much more powerful than the original Up. An equally strong competitor for the upcoming Swift Sport is the Ford Fiesta powered by a 1.0-liter engine and capable of producing a solid 138 horsepower. The engineers at Suzuki are quite aware of the fact that they have to fight against some of the best cars in the market that had gained the trust of buyers throughout the years.

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The team is upgrading the engine found in the model and making it more powerful than the outgoing model. A new powertrain is expected to be used in the car, possibly a 1.4-liter turbocharged variant which can render up to 138 horsepower. It will also be equipped with BoosterJet technology. In terms of sheer horsepower, it may not be the best choice. However, the engine can be more fuel efficient and refined to produce a unique sound combined with reliable performance throughout the years.

Suzuki Swift Sport Frankfurt Expo

As mentioned earlier, Suzuki simply wants to keep people in the loop and they have released a single photo of the car. The actual reveal is still reserved for the Frankfurt expo launch. The photo shows that Swift will get a brand new interior and additional connectivity options. The dashboard will obviously receive a much bigger upgrade with a large 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. An additional 4.2-inch screen will be embedded into the instrument panel. The car supports Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Bluetooth and all the basic stuff that you would expect from a performance oriented car.

Pricing of the Suzuki Swift Sport is expected to be below £16,000 when it hit stores by 2018.

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