Bentley Amazes with Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition

2017 Bentley Continental GT Convertible front

Bentley has a grace like no other automobile maker and they make sure it is carried forward in all their top models.

The newly revealed Continental GT Convertible Galene edition is no different as it has instantly managed to grab the attention of everyone.

The modifications in the car had been carried out by the popular team at Mulliner. The limited edition model will have an expensive price tag and the overall design of the car will be very familiar to the luxury yachts that you might have seen in some pictures. It is very spacious, large compared to many other cars and has a very sophisticated interior design to provide elite people with the experience they expect.

2017 Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Bentley has confirmed that Mulliner will be making just 30 of these models. And, the Yacht look is no coincidence because it has been done in association with a company named Princess Yachts. The experts from the team had provided their inputs when the Galene edition was designed. A bright white paint covers the majority of the model which is occasionally contrasted with bright blue color tones.

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A large 21-inch Propeller style wheels are used giving the car a much bigger ride height than many other Bentley models which stick close to the ground. The convertible hood is painted dark blue which when covered provides a stark contrast and the much desired looks to the car’s white color palette. The shape of the soft top resembles that of the canopies used in yachts and it is continued in the interiors of the car as well.

2017 Bentley

The materials and the components used to provide the trim finishes to the car are largely inspired by the ones used by sea men. The upholstery of the cabin is made using Portland and Linen while buyers also have the option to customize some aspects of the car. After all, when they pay such a huge price tag, they should obviously have the ability to do so. Buyers can have their favorite images or photos hand painted by Jaume Viladell. The illustrations done on the dashboard can even be that of a pirate if that’s what you would prefer to have on your yacht inspired Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene edition.

Pinestripe walnut material is used extensively on the sides and the boot of the car to provide it the authentic look. The company didn’t provide the exact pricing for the model but it ain’t going to be cheap for sure.

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