Suzuki e-Survivor SUV Concept is Unique and Unconventional

Suzuki e-Survivor SUV Concept

Suzuki has come out of the shadows with some very unconventional SUV concept models.

The company claims that it will be future ready in terms of performance, electric powertrain and most importantly features interior design that makes the ride comfortable.

The Tokyo Motor Show is still a full month away but that didn’t stop Suzuki from unveiling their e-Survivor SUV concept models. The company didn’t reveal too much details about the car because obviously they have to keep them reserved for the motor show. But, they did show some photographs that confirmed the new model looks a lot like the Vitara and the Jimny, the existing mini SUVs under the Suzuki brand.

Suzuki e-Survivor


The e-Survivor concept model is future proof as it is an all-electric car which features a lightweight, compact body and supports four-wheel drive. The T-section in the roof is readily removable providing it the adventurous looks buyers would expect off the car. The automobile brand has been steadily inching towards their goal of creating a stronghold in the compact SUV market. While most other auto companies focus on crossovers and large SUVs, the type of cars that Suzuki offers are very unique and it helps them create a niche market among their customer base.

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With the Tokyo motor show just around the corner, we can expect more such cars to be unveiled at the event. At the moment, there is no word on what the e-Survivor is made up of. Besides, the design of the SUV may not be the only thing that will convince buyers to go for it but it should have efficiency, long range and all the expected features in the dashboard to make the ride convenient.

Suzuki e-Survivor SUV


Suzuki is expected to reveal all the information that you would like to know along with a bunch of other cars as well. Along with e-Survivor SUV, Suzuki has also created two different variants of the XBEE model. One of them is the Outdoor Adventure with a rugged finish while the other one is Street Adventure.

Both these models sport the same powertrain and the changes are purely cosmetic. The cars are modified in such a way that they look adventure or street friendly, based on what the buyer is looking to avail. Suzuki is sure to face stiff competition at the Tokyo show when they enter but with these unique offerings, they might probably gain the traction the brand needs.

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