WhatsApp Beta Gets Android N-Focused Updates: Quick Replies and More


As developers prepare their apps for the newly released Android N, WhatsApp seems to have joined the race by unveiling a new beta version.

The newly released WhatsApp 2.12.560 beta brings some new features, with some of them focused on the upcoming Android N.

Quick Reply

Google released Android N developer preview version earlier this month. One of the major highlights of this operating system is the Quick Reply feature. With this feature, it will be possible for users of the platform to respond to messages directly from the notification panel. In the latest version of WhatsApp, it is now possible to do the same.

Even though still in beta, users of this latest version can now respond to messages directly from the notification, attach an emoji or even an audio message right from the same toolbar. You don’t need to be using the latest Android N in order to use this feature, but it should work for Android M or Android L, at least.

Other updates of WhatsApp 2.12.560 APK

In addition to coming in with the ability to reply to messages directly from the notification, the latest WhatsApp APK also brings changes to the long-tap menu on single or group contacts.

To get more options on a group or contact, one had to long-press the name of the contact or group to pop up the list. This is no more with version 2.12.560 as the same actions have now been moved to the app’s title bar. In short, all you need is to tap on a profile image and the new options will come up in a smarter way.


The new update also comes in with the ability to select multiple contacts or group chat threads and hold for a list of more options. This is regardless of the current status of the selected contact or chat, but the options will be selected depending on the actions that can be performed on each selection. Options such as muting, marking as read, archiving, deleting chat or even leaving the group will show up, but the latter, for instance, won’t show up when one of the selected options doesn’t apply. In short, selecting a contact and group conversation will not bring up the option to leave the group since this doesn’t apply to the single chat included in the selection.

After showing up in WhatsApp 2.12.542 and receiving some refinements in v2.12.551, the new wallpaper selector layout has also seen even finer refreshments in the latest version.

However, all of these updates are available in an unstable version of WhatsApp. While there is always the option to wait until a stable version shows up in the Google Play Store, you can get the APK version from sites like APKMirror or XDA Developers forum for trial purposes.


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