Take-Two Interactive Head On Why GTA Franchise Needs A New Entry Despite GTA V’s Success

Rockstar Games

With Rockstar Games confirming that the development process of the new game in the GTA franchise is ‘underway’, fans have become very enthusiastic and are discussing, on different forums, what they could expect from the game.

There is also a section of fans, along with gaming journalists and experts, which are wondering as to why Rockstar Games decided to come up with a new entry (it has not been titled GTA 6 yet) in the franchise when Grand Theft Auto V is doing so well.

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Strauss Zelnic, who heads Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive, stated that the gaming ecosystem is largely driven by the demands and expectations of gamers. So, according to him, Rockstar Games is developing a new game to be added to the GTA franchise because fans are asking for it. He has also said that if a gaming company stops churning out fresh content at regular intervals, it will become stagnant.

According to Zelnic, making efforts to “protect the past” leads to one becoming irrelevant. He is confident about the fact that GTA V will continue to do well even when a new game is introduced in the GTA franchise.

The earnings report of Take-Two Interactive brought to the fore the fact that GTA V had sold 160 million copies ever since its release in 2013. These are huge numbers and serve as a testimony to the kind of popularity the game has enjoyed among fans in the last several years. While Rockstar Games has given enough breathing space to GTA V, one was expecting the gaming publisher to further delay the release of the next entry in the series so that it could capitalize on the success of the game.

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However, as stated by Zelnic, a large number of fans keep looking forward to fresh gaming content and the company must be mindful of that too. Since it has been almost a decade since GTA V was launched, many gamers have been looking forward to the next series for long.

Rockstar Games is having a dream run what with Red Dead Redemption 2 registering a sale of around 34 million copies. On March 15, Rockstar Games will release GTA Online on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Since the next GTA game is still in the early stages of its development, there is a lot of time for GTA 5 to set many more records and expand its reach further.

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