The Sims 4: In-Game Weddings ToBecome More Vibrant With New Game Pack

Sims 4 Wedding stories

My Wedding Stories, a soon-to-be-launched game pack in The Sims 4, has generated a lot of excitement among fans.

Electronic Arts will launch the game on February 17 and make it available to users across different platforms like PC, Mac, PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles. My Wedding Stories will come armed with many elements that will make in-game weddings a lot more vibrant and entertaining.

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In the last couple of years, players have often spoken about how in-game weddings appear to be a little dull and boring. The developers added new elements in the weddings from time to time to add a certain freshness to them but it left much to be desired. When two Sims would get engaged, the player would get the option to make plans for a wedding ceremony or let the Sims elope. If you opt for ‘elope’, the Sims would proceed to exchange their vows and rings.

Sims 4 wedding

In case the player plans a wedding event, a new screen will emerge and they would be required to finalize the location, guests, musicians and caterers. Despite all these features, a large number of players were never really satisfied with the way weddings panned out in the game.

My Wedding Stories promises to provide players with a much more detailed and wholesome wedding experience. Many of the weddings will now take place in Tartosa, a newly designed in-game world that features several picturesque locations that are ideal for wedding-based events. Once this wedding pack is introduced, players will also get the chance to plan a variety of pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinners and engagement parties. There will also be newer and better options to raise toasts, deliver speeches and perform different dance numbers.

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The players will not have wider options when it comes to choosing their clothes for the wedding. Along with classy tuxedos and stylish dresses, a wide range of modern and traditional outfits will be offered to the players. You can buy a bouquet for the couple or a cake to make your presence felt at the wedding event. Till now only birthday cakes were available in the game. Now, thanks to this new game pack, specialized birthday cakes will be available for purchase.

What’s further interesting is that there will be multiple wedding options too. A traditional Chinese wedding is one of the many wedding options that players will get to choose from. The pack also comprises of red-colored costumes that are worn in traditional Hindu ceremonies.

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