Teaser Leaked: Samsung Set to Launch Galaxy Note 7 on August 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is reportedly preparing to launch the next generation Samsung Galaxy Note earlier than usual due to the impending arrival of the Apple iPhone 7.

A new leaked teaser has revealed that the phone will be coming out on August 2. The new Samsung Galaxy Note will be given the number 7 and not 6 as originally thought. The number, though, may just be a minor aspect to note since the phone is expected to come with many revolutionary features.

One of the headline features on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be the use of edge display for the first time in the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Up until now, the edge display has been reserved for the Galaxy S series with the last two editions be highly successful. There has been a one-off Galaxy Note with edge display in the past, but it was largely seen as a trial edition. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note series may permanently come with the edge display. Instead of the phone being available in two variants as in the case of the Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy Note series may offer only one phone and it will have edge display.

Galaxy Note 7

However, there is also a possibility that Samsung may decide to offer the phone in two variants.

The possibilities of taking even more advantage of the edge display has grown with the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phablet series already has one of the best styluses in the industry today. Samsung has repeatedly improved on the features within the stick to make it extremely user friendly. Up until now, the edge display has primarily been used to show key information or act as a shortcut. The availability of the stylus can open up a world of possibilities and it is rather interesting to see what Samsung come up with in this aspect.

Up until now, the Samsung Galaxy Note series have been launched only in the middle of September. The Galaxy Note 5 was probably an exception since it came in the middle of August. Samsung seem intent on coming up with the device earlier than the Apple iPhone. Since the Apple device is also usually launched during September, the South Korean giant does not want dates to clash. The phone is rumored to come with a 5.8 inch display and the latest snapdragon 820 processor.

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