Tesla has a Long Haul Electric Truck, Goes Up to 300 Miles on a Single Charge


Tesla is a company associated with electric cars for some years now and they plan to expand it further by adding a long haul electric truck to their line up.

While most automobile manufacturers are still working on building long range electric cars, Tesla is pushing the boundary further by introducing trucks so early in the game. They were also the ones behind the autonomous driving capabilities and the ambitious company aims to make it to Level 5 in the next five years or less so that passengers could relax as the car drives itself to the destination.

Tesla Electric Truck 300 Miles

In a couple of months, the company has planned to unveil the truck. Technical specifications of the proposed electric truck is yet to be confirmed but the engineers confirm that they are looking to achieve 200 miles to 300 miles range on a single charge. Considering the size of the vehicle and the number of batteries it would require to cover such distances, it’s easily a huge feat if Tesla managed to deliver it as promised.

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla confirmed that they will show a prototype version of the semi-truck next month and the production version will take time to be unveiled. When it gets launched, the trucks will compete with conventional diesel trucks that usually go up to 1000 miles when the tank is full. While it is next to impossible to achieve the exact numbers using an electric motor and battery, with enough charging points the semi-truck may have to stop just thrice before it reaches its destination.

Tesla Electric Truck

Instead of trying to achieve too many miles, the team behind this truck from Tesla focuses on trucks that need to deliver the payload in just a day’s time and come back. The plan is to cover short distances and come back with a single charge or just do it once so as to cover 600 miles in total. Instead of waiting years for electric technology to be implemented in trucks and other commercial vehicles, Tesla has pioneered the idea once again by jumping into the bandwagon much earlier than their competitors which should favor the automobile industry as a whole.

Within a couple of years, Tesla should be able to produce these semi-trucks in large quantities and sell them to companies in the United States before focusing on other regions. He added that a lot of people think it’s not possible to do long haul during electric vehicles but the company would like to prove them wrong.

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