Tesla Model 3 Buyers May Not be So Forgiving like Model S, Model X Owners, Study Suggests

Tesla Model X

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla recently revealed the Model 3 version which is close to production.

The company had so many hiccups when their earlier electric models S and Y got launched.

Any average customer would seriously be annoyed by such performance issues and cars that were delivered way beyond their original release date. A new study conducted by J.D. Power suggests that the people who were early adopters of the electric car technology are not all worried about these problems. Their patronage for the Tesla brand continues to grow strong for many reasons. In his paper titled, Tesla Beyond the Hype, J.D. Power added that the psychology behind people going with a completely new technology is different that deters them from thinking like an average consumer.

Tesla Model S

“Tesla owners are quite proud of their purchase and they always see themselves as early adopters of new technology. They are confident that they are contributing and being part of something big that the world will go gaga over in few years. Despite the fact that they spent over $100,000 on these vehicles that had so much problems right from the start, their enthusiasm didn’t wane off. Tesla is totally where they were years ago before launching Model S and Model X cars.”

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When they launched the Model X SUV a year ago, the first batch of cars had so many technical and performance issues. It was evident that the company didn’t quality test those cars as they should have before releasing them but it had no effect on those people. They were more than willing to take their time and wait for the brand to roll out software updates to fix them all.

Tesla Model X

The scenario is quite different for the upcoming all-electric Model 3 sedan from Tesla. Priced at a very affordable $35,000, the study reveals that buyers in this category may not be so forgiving as their rich counterparts. “The car is the primary mode of transportation for the mass market and they use it on a daily basis. Any well known brand may still fall under criticism if it doesn’t deliver in this segment. Tesla, be it an electric car or not, as a brand has to prove its mettle to those in this price category which is the only way to build their name as a reliable automobile manufacturer,” wrote J.D. Power in his study report.

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