Tesla Model 3 Won’t Have Traditional Car HUD, Elon Musk Says

Tesla Model 3

While it is still a long way to go before Tesla Model 3 cars hit the stores, Elon Musk has some interesting things to share about the car.

In a new statement, he confirmed that the Model 3 sedan will not feature a conventional HUD found in many other cars. Instead, it will have a single touchscreen display that will provide all the information a driver would be need and be the single input point to control everything in the electric car. The screen size is however expected to be large so that there is enough space to work with and have multiple data to show up in a single interface.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

A concept version of the Model 3 was revealed a year ago much to the surprise of many car enthusiasts. The car didn’t feature the gauge cluster but had a large central display. Being a concept model, many assumed this could be a temporary setup and the final version will feature a HUD as found in almost all cars that hit the market. Tesla being the innovative company it is, is going to get rid of them all to usher in the one display setup.

Justifying the new design, Musk said, “When your car is mostly autonomous, there is no need to have multiple displays up and running. The information required will be displayed on the center console. Any passenger who is riding in a taxi will hardly look at the instrument panel because they don’t have to. The same applies for the Tesla Model 3 car which is capable of taking care of most of the functions by itself.”

Tesla Model 3

While autonomous driving is yet to see the light of the day, most automobile manufacturers are confident that they can make it possible by 2020. The Model 3 sedan priced at $35,000 is slated for 2019 launch. Musk added that they are not building a car that would be equipped with a single display today to adopt future autonomous technology. The design is rather current and the Model 3 will be fully equipped when it gets launched ready to provide the fully autonomous experience customers have been looking forward to.

Besides, the single display setup also conveniently matches the minimalistic design the designers have confirmed for the next Tesla car. The Model Y which is a more affordable SUV from the company wouldn’t be announced for a couple of years, added Musk in his recent Tweet.

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