The Benefits of THM Solutions

It is a simple truth: If you want a thriving business, your people must thrive. To be certain that you and your workforce have a better future, you simply must attend to all aspects of your employees’ wellbeing, including their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

An approach called total health management (THM) can help you do just that.

Here are the benefits of THM solutions – and more.

What is Total Health Management?

Total health management is basically a member-engagement effort that empowers employees to invest in their own health. The chief goals here are to promote employee relationships with their primary care physician (PCP) and to achieve positive health outcomes — now and in years to come.

In other words, a THM strategy offers a platform for healthier employees through the establishment of a solid relationship with a PCP, versus through visits to the ER or urgent care.

Benefits of THM Solutions

Some of the advantages of a THM strategy include:

  • The establishment of relationships with PCPs
  • The early detection of risk factors and health conditions
  • The development of certain behavior changes that lead to better health
  • The provision of useful tools and resources
  • Prompt and responsive employee discussions with the PCP regarding health improvement
  • Improved employee performance
  • Lower healthcare costs

THM Solutions Advantages by Numbers

Sometimes there’s nothing like seeing cold, hard data. For total health solutions, those include:

  • A drop in healthcare costs for companies that engage in best practices of up to 2 percent
  • A 41 percent drop in healthcare costs for thriving employees
  • A 35 percent drop in turnover expenditures for companies that have thriving employees
  • A 31 percent productivity hike among employees who are thriving
  • A 48 percent appreciation in stock value over five years for employers that engage in best practices

How Mercer Can Help

Mercer is one of the top health benefits consultants in the world. Its approach transcends conventional healthcare management by getting to the bottom of poor health. By melding health behavior, clinical, and consumerism approaches, Mercer offers tailor solutions that provide:

  • Integration. Mercer experts integrate health, workforce, wealth, and absenteeism strategies to that you can utilize to enhance worker performance and lower your healthcare spend.
  • Experts. Mercer has more than 60 medical, clinical, and behavioral health professionals who bring their skills and experience to bear of doable interventions and strategies that can help you develop a thriving, healthful culture.
  • Leadership. Mercer collaborates with industry think tanks such as HERO to help you remain on top of THM trends and take advantage of forward-thinking solutions that produce solid results. By the way, HERO is a member-driven organization that seeks to advance health, wellbeing, and performance through organizational leadership.
  • Innovation. Mercer is rightly proud of its Center of Health Innovation, the expertise of which it leverages to help employers. Because it knows about all the up-and-coming, disruptive technology vendors, Mercer constantly nudges the industry toward the development of novel solutions that improve the delivery, quality, and cost of personalized healthcare.

Now you know the benefits of THM solutions. The fact is that a thriving workforce means a prosperous organization. Remember, turnover costs drop by 35 percent and healthcare costs by 41 percent when employees are armed with the tools to surmount their struggles.

Investing in your employees’ wellbeing now will lead to a better tomorrow – for you and your people. The leading global health benefits consultant Mercer offers an effective THM solution that prioritizes every aspect of your people’s wellbeing.

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