Gran Turismo 7 Update Results In The Value Of Rare Cars Going Further Up

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of those games that is known to offer a lot of realism along with great detailing.

During the State of Play event organized by Sony in the month of February, developers tried to woo gamers by giving them a glimpse of the realistically designed weather conditions and elaborately constructed tracks in the game.

However, to achieve a great sense of realism in a game, developers are required to put in a lot of money. The cost of developing a game goes up by several notches and that reflects in the price players have to pay for several elements in it. When it comes to Gran Turismo 7, the attempt of the developers to make the game look as real as possible has resulted in a noticeable jump in the pricing of many of the cars.

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Developer Polyphony Digital rolled out update 1.15 a couple of days back. This update led to the arrival of three new cars in the game, including Roadster Shop Rampage, Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo and Toyota GR010 Hybrid 21. The update also paved the way for a bunch of new events and brand new Car Café Menu Books. The major change, however, was the increase in the price of many of the premium cars in the game. The current pricing of these cars is quite similar to the price at which they are sold in the real-world.

Gran Turismo 7 Suzuki Vision

As many as twenty-seven in-game cars witnessed a significant jump in their price after the release of the update. The pricing of two cars, however, did go down after the update was launched. The cost of cars manufactured by Hagerty shot up by 3.8%. Some vehicles witnessed a much bigger increase in their price than others. The Ferrari F40, which was valued at 1.35 million credits till recently, is now priced at 2.6 million credits. Before the launch of this update, the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL was being sold for 11 million credits. Now, its value stands at 13 million credits.

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Those who have followed the developments happening around the game closely were not really surprised at this step taken by the publishers. On March 4, Sony officially launched Gran Turismo 7. Around the same time, the publishers also announced that they are collaborating with Hagerty, a prominent car insurance company.

Hagerty specializes in insuring rare cars and partners with gaming publishers to help them figure out the in-game price of different cars based on their real-world value. With Hagerty’s involvement in the game, one had expected that such a step will be taken in due course of time. It would be interesting to see whether fans manage to make adjustments to this change or not.

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