Weekly GTA Online Update Provides Lucrative Bunker Research Bonuses

GTA Online

A new update for Grand Theft Auto Online, rolled out this week, has been designed specifically for gun runners who have a keen interest in Bunker Research.

In this particular week, Bunker Research speeds have been doubled for weapons traffickers. This implies that one’s Bunker staff will need around half the time that was earlier required to finish a variety of research projects like weapons and vehicle mods. To ensure that one doesn’t face any issue while conducting their research, a 50% discount has been offered on Bunker Supplies.

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Now, GTA Online players will get the opportunity to do Bunker Research much faster and will get to buy supplies at half their original price. Though this feature will not last beyond this week, the offers put across are very lucrative.

This seems to be a good week for next-gen players who have just discovered the fun of playing GTA Online. A major update, that was launched last week, focused on a variety of bonuses that were designed for business organizations that were linked with the newly launched Career Builder feature. Beginner players would greatly benefit from such useful features being launched regularly.

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When it comes to Bunker Research, there are two methods by which players stand to receive supplies. They could either steal them while participating in a mission or spend a particular amount of money to procure them. One expects a very high sale of supplies this week owing to the fact that they are available at a 50% discount.

There are different ways in which one can benefit from this feature. The first option can be best utilized by players who have a lot of wealth at their disposal. Here, you will get the opportunity to put all projects on fast-track. Another option, as stated above, involves purchasing the supplies at half their price and finishing the research at a lightning speed.

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