GTA 5: Rockstar Seems To Have Obliterated Transphobic Content From The Game’s Next-Gen Release

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games seems to have removed a bunch of jokes from the next-gen edition of Grand Theft Auto 5 that recently released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The issue with these jokes was that they appeared to be ‘transphobic’ or offensive towards the transgender community.

Many individuals, who identify themselves to be transgender, had pointed out the inappropriateness of these jokes in the past and that seems to be the reason why Rockstar Games decided to do away with them. The gaming publisher is known to take feedback of the gamers very seriously and this seems to be another step assuring them that they wish to refrain from putting out any content that a particular community finds inappropriate or offensive.

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All this happened when a couple of GTA fans, who were active on Reddit, spoke about it. The Captain SpacetoyInterstellerTransgender, which was earlier put up on the arcade’s office, has now been replaced by a different action figure.

This particular replacement has brought in a lot of joy for the fans of the game who were upset by the previously hung image. In the PS5 version of the game, the image has been removed and the other figures have been moved around a bit to ensure the replacement doesn’t look noticeable. Many fans, however, have noticed this step taken by the development team and have appreciated it as well.

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Rockstar Games has restricted a bunch of NPCs from breeding a couple of in-game areas outside the game like the ‘Drag Queen’ model that was created outside Cockatoos, which happens to be an in-game club.

In 2021, Out Making Games drafted and published an open letter urging Rockstar Games to consider removing transphobic elements from GTA 5. As per the letter, these elements have been a part of the game since its initial release in the year 2013.

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