The Sims 4 Comes to Steam, 50% Launch Offer for New Buyers

Sims 4 schedule

Electronic Arts owns some of the biggest gaming franchises in the world including Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront series and The Sims series.

With dozens of DLCs, expansion packs and game packs, The Sims 4 is yet another amazingly successful game for them. However, in a pursuit to bring it to more audiences, the publisher is now going to launch the game on Steam.

For every PC gamer, Steam is the foremost platform for games where you could literally get thousands of games from indies to AAA titles. Publishers like Ubisoft, Electronic Arts and Rockstar do try to bring things under control by launching their own game client. Most widely played games like Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield and The Sims 4 were previously available mostly on their own game clients.

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Even if you purchased some of the games on Steam, both game clients should be running for the game to work. A similar verification strategy might be implemented for The Sims 4 on Steam but it is great for players who like to consolidate all their games on the same platform. While you do have the option to use GOG Galaxy launcher to have all games listed in the same place, Steam and Epic are right now the most widely favored platform of choice for both publishers and gamers.

New Game Trailer Released

Electronic Arts have launched a brand new trailer indicating all the great content that will be available in the base game. You have to individually purchase all the content including expansion packs in case you are entirely new to this franchise and would love to build your collection.

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There are so many great game packs available for the new Sims including career choices, cats and dogs, seasons and much more. When you opt to purchase them all individually, you will definitely have to spend lots of money in order to own all the DLCs. For hardcore fans, it is no big deal as they often spend more than $100 every time a new Sims franchise is released by Electronic Arts and Maxis.

EA, for their part, made sure the trailer resembled people of all colors, race and gender so as to make them feel at home. The Sims 4 features specific content and customization options to allow gamers to better express themselves. It has a 50% discount on Steam as part of this launch celebration. You should probably grab it if you have decided to play it only on Valve’s platform and not on EA’s Origin.

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