The Sims 4: Creative Player Creates Life-Like Virtual Double of Chris Hemsworth

Sims 4 Thor

One of the things that make The Sims 4 an exciting game for players is the countless options they get while styling or dressing their own character in the game.

Players let their imagination run wild and keep experimenting with the way their in-game character’s looks. Almost every day, you would see players recreating popular fictional characters or emulate real-life celebrities.

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The Sims 4 offers its players access to innumerable tools that can be used effectively to replicate or create some of the most iconic and popular characters in pop culture. There are, however, a bunch of presets and other features that exercise some sort of control over the player’s imagination. It is always incredible to see players find their way through these limitations and create life-like images of public figures.

Golyhawhaw, a Reddit user, has used the different options in the extensive creation engine very well to his advantage and managed to make popular actor Chris Hemsworth a part of the virtual world of the game. This digital avatar created by Golyhawhaw has most of the striking features of Hemsworth including his broad chin, chiseled jawline, brow bone, distinctive had tilt and sharp blue eyes.

Here is my rendition of Chris Hemsworth in The Sims 4. from thesims

This innovative post by Golyhawhaw has managed to get more than 1,000 upvotes. Shortly after Golyhawhaw uploaded the picture, he started getting comments stating how real the photo appeared to be. He has been receiving congratulatory messages for creating this highly accurate representation of the Hollywood star. While many players have created several impressive recreations of popular celebrities in the recent past, the way Glyhawhaw has recreated Chris Hemsworth is truly remarkable!

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Chris Hemsworth became a household name with his performance in the TV series Home and Away. After that, he started a career in films Hollywood and appeared in several successful films including The Cabin In The Woods, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Men In Black: International and Bad Times At The El Royale. Worldwide, he is best known for playing the hammer-wielding superhero Thor in several films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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