Sims 4 Player Reproduces Multiple Locations From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

Sims 4 IASP

The very popular Paddy’s Pub, which features in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was recreated by a Sims 4 player earlier this week.

Along with recreating the bar’s interior and exterior areas, the player also reproduced the apartment of the primary characters.

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Putting together builds of pop-culture locations is one of the favorite pastimes for a large number of players in The Sims 4. Apart from keeping their creative energy alive, this helps in strengthening their skills. The game was introduced to players worldwide in 2014 and since then, it has managed to bring close to 36 million players on board. Seven years post its release, it boasts of having one of the most thriving creative communities for a game.

IASIP exterior

The Sims series is known for giving its players the opportunity to indulge in a lot of creativity and having a lot of options at every step of the game. It enables players to put together interesting characters. It also allows them to regulate the way their Sims lead their lives. The game’s community puts a lot of emphasis on building and design.

Players get the opportunity to upload buildings and characters to The Sims Gallery. This gallery happens to be a free-for-all resource that gives users the freedom to download creations of other players and use them themselves. The gaming franchise also provides you with a large number of architectural options and other related items which they can put to some good use in their builds. The Sims expansions packs also offer many such options.

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Emmengard, a Reddit user, uploaded a bunch of builds this week that pay a tribute to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the comedy show. In the build created by them, everything seems to have been recreated quite accurately. From the pub’s brick exterior to the Irish-style decorations in the interior area, each and every aspect of this recreation spells out the fact that Emmengard has, indeed, done a very good job with it. The apartments have been designed very tastefully and in a bid to keep the authenticity intact, Easter Eggs have been used in their decoration.

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