Sims 4 Ghost Sends Text Message With Condolences For Own Demise

Sims 4 ghost

Ever since it was launched, The Sims is one series that has managed to build a large and reliable fan base for itself with time.

That, however, doesn’t imply that the games haven’t ever suffered from any glitch or bug. Whenever each of The Sims series has made an arrival, one has witnessed some sort of an issue crop up.

Sometimes, gamers have encountered visual glitches and there have been times when they have come across broken kits. What had remained unseen was a ghost offering their condolences over their own demise with a text message. Now, that has happened too!

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While there are a couple of solutions to it, every Sims game has been designed in a way that there always remains a risk of premature aging, injury and death for Sims. A particular Sims 4 was taken aback when they came across a text from a ghost offering comfort and solidarity because they had passed away themselves.

wormgirl7, a Reddit user, shared a picture from this peculiar moment. An on-screen text message sent by a ‘friendly Sim’ can be seen here. In the message, the Sim is making efforts to provide solace to the Sim of the player over the recent death. He asks the Sim if they would be interested in going out for lunch with him so that they can share their feelings and feel better. Now, the only issue here was the fact that the Sim offering solace and comfort was the same person who has passed away.

bro…. you are the loss from Sims4

The occurrence of ghosts in The Sims series is not a new phenomenon. They have been around in the games for a long time now. Gamers get a chance to see them mostly when a Grim reaper arrives to collect the soul of a Sim after they have passed away. There have also been many instances wherein the ghosts hover around players long after losing their physical form. While getting a text message from a ghost is slightly weird, it has happened a few times in the past.

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Given the fact that this is something that many players have gone through, one is not sure as to whether it was a part of some programming trick used by Electronic Arts or done by some external source. Since it has been around for a while, there is a good possibility of it being a creepy bug that was discovered by the developing team but was intentionally left unresolved.

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