The Sims 4 Free Infants Update is Rolling Out, Expand Your Family

The Sims 4 infant

With the Sims 4 free Infants update, players no longer play with adults, their relationships, career and emotions but can also explore their skills with an actual infant.

Bringing up a baby is no easy task as almost all adult humans know the fact. However, even before you marry or have a baby in real life the game update gives you a glimpse of how to take care of things.

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In the past version of the game, most characters were young adults. All you had to do is help them find a job, find love and increase their skill points to survive in a competitive world. Taking care of an infant, however, requires massive attention and lots of energy so that these young babies don’t stray in the wrong path.

Bringing in that soul to the baby

The Sims 4 free infants update breathes a fresh lease of life into the game. The households previously had mischievous young kids and teenagers but an actual baby is an all-new game for you to play. The developers earlier rolled out toddlers which is difficult in itself, but this is officially an infant that won’t walk but can crawl from one place to another.


If you have guessed, yes the infants are going to be crying a lot. You should feed them, dress them up and take care of those growing “bundle of joy” but they will still cry even when all their needs are met. The best part of irrespective of their age, all other sims characters can engage with the infant and keep it occupied while other actions are carried out in the household.

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Keeping things interesting is the inclusion of accessories like the Changing Station to nurture the infant. A dedicated playmat can also be added to the household so that it keeps the young one occupied and not crying relentlessly. They are capable of absorbing special reward traits which help them build better relationships as they grow up. The number of family members who interact with them will invariably influence their good deeds in the future.

The Sims 4 free infants update and bringing in an infant can be done in many ways, including adoption, making a Science baby using labs, or simply a mom, or dad can give birth to one in a more conventional manner.

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