The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack Explores Family Dynamics and Relationships

The Sims 4 infant

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack lets users explore family relationships and it is quite an eccentric and complex approach for a game like the sims.

Things have been pretty straightforward and smooth as people come together, date, create families and move on.

The reality of the same is quite complex which is something the developers at Electronic Arts and Maxis are planning to explore. With the upcoming expansion pack, players will now be able to set a relationship role for each family member such as their spouse, children, parents and friends. You can either be really close with them, be a jokester, or be distant from one another just like how it works in real life.

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A new gameplay trailer released by EA showcases how different people, similar to the real world can continue to influence another family as well as the young ones. As they grow up with an elderly grandparent, they will obviously be closer to them. Similarly, not all married couples enjoy so much intimacy and shared interests which now can be chosen based on how you want your sims characters to behave inside a household.

Gameplay Overview Trailer Released

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack was quite a mystery until now. With the launch of the new trailer, it is much easier to understand how family dynamics will work in the new DLC. Apart from the pack, a free Infants update will also be rolled out. Instead of relying on the game to set things for you, the relationship intimacy level between family members can be explicitly defined.

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The choices are limited though. As the years roll by, the relations will change based on the Milestones they have achieved together and eventually compatibility will increase between couples who are already close.

It’s Not Just About Couples but Family Members

Relationship compatibility now exists between friends, uncles, aunts and even between a grandfather and a granddaughter. When they share common interests, their closeness is likely to develop. With the Sims 4 Growing Together expansion, you can further expect new items for children to play with like sleeping bags, bikes, slumber party accessories and more.

The expansion is coming to PC, Xbox and Playstation priced at $40 on 16th March.

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