The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion Pack: Here’s All That You Can Expect

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming High School Years Expansion Pack scheduled to arrive in The Sims 4.

Now, one of the developers has made fans even more excited by revealing the fact this particular Expansion Pack will mark the arrival of new likes and dislikes in the game. By now, most fans of The Sims 4 are well-aware of the fact that High School Years will mark the inclusion of new features that will carry a lot of appeal for teenagers. After the arrival of this DLC, fans expect high school life to be represented more authentically in the game.

The Create A Sim system in The Sims offers several customization options including giving Sims the opportunity to like or dislike different elements like colors, music and a variety of in-game activities. More depth will be added to teenage life by the introduction of High School Years expansion pack as it will bring in a bunch of interesting gameplay elements revolving around self-expression, social activities and academics.

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While there would be many novel features to look out for in the upcoming Expansion Pack, fans should keep an eye out for the collaboration it is all set to have with Depop, a popular clothing app. A bunch of Depop creators have put together high-end clothing for the characters in the game and that should be one of the highlights of the upcoming DLC pack.

High School Years Expansion Pack


High School Years is also being keenly awaited by fans owing to the fact that it will be the first major Expansion Pack that will be introduced to the game in a long time. Since it will drop anytime this month, fans are having elaborate discussions on it in online gaming communities.

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The DLC will feature a world called Copperdale that will have several interesting elements including a thrift store and several other shops that will enable one to purchase and sell clothing items. There will also be an in-game app called Trendi that will provide teens with several opportunities to become Simfluencer.

George Pigula, who serves as a lead producer on High School Years, confirmed that several new preferences will arrive with the new Expansion Pack. Pigula also shared a confirmation about teens will get ample scope to explore their likes and dislikes through the Trendi app. The Expansion Pack seems to be aiming toward giving players the opportunity to have their own personalized teenage or high school experience before they step into adulthood.

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