The Sims 4: New Update on the Industrial Loft Kit That Had Gone Missing


A while back, a minor controversy erupted when the Industrial Loft Kit window was excluded from the game.

Now, Electronic Arts has confirmed that it will soon be added back to The Sims 4. The company also shared that it will be made available to all the gamers at zero cost.

Around two months ago, a bunch of fans of the game complained when a huge window, that was a part of the promotional images for the new Kit, was not present in the paid content. The team took note of the complaints and stated that the promo was designed to be a ‘cinematic visual’ and assured the fans that the window will be included in the Kit in the near future.

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During the Inside Maxis live stream conducted earlier this week, SimGuruSalo, the concept artist of the game, offered an update to Simmers by stating that the missing window will be added by the end of October.

There was also a pleasant surprise in store for fans. While the company had earlier announced that that the window will be coming to those who own the Industrial Loft Kit, SimGuruSalo stated that it is being included in the base game itself. He announced that it will be added to the base game by the end of November. He also thanked the players for their presence and said that the team keenly looks forward to their reaction after the inclusion of the window.

Since the release of the Industrial Loft Kit, two Kits, namely Incheon Arrivals and Fashion Street, have been launched. These kits, based on the fashion scene in the Indian city of Mumbai and the sartorial sensibilities at the Seoul airport, were received very well by the gamers. While it is known that two new kits will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks, there is no update about what they would be.

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During the Inside Maxis live stream, it was also revealed by SimGuruSaloand SimGuruRusski that a particular hairstyle, which was earlier released as one of the units of the Toddler Stuff Pack shall be made accessible to all the players. All this will be a part of the base game update that will be rolled out soon.

Some of the players raised a question about why some of the material from the paid packs was being included in the base game. To this, SimGuruRusski replied that this has been done owing to some feedback they had received about the base game in the recent past. By adding new content, they are trying to make sure that players get the opportunity to represent themselves well in the base game.

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