GTA 6 Map: Rockstar’s Job Listing Offers Crucial Hint About ‘International’ Location


The fans of Grand Theft Auto are known to be very sharp when it comes to deciphering hints or clues pertaining to the release of GTA 6.

A recent discovery made by fans, based on the job listing released by the company, bears testimony to the fact that they are eagerly waiting for its arrival.

One of the most popular theories surrounding the soon-to-be-launched game has been about it being set in an international location that has not been explored in the GTA universe recently. Names like South America have come up in reports published earlier this year.

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CayoPeriyo made GTA Online players maneuver through Colombia and the GTA Trilogy Remastered gave them a tour of San Andreas and Vice City. Since these locations have already been ticked off, they will most likely not reappear in GTA 6. While speculations about the new location were on rest for some time, fans have resumed discussions about this topic courtesy of some of the new information that they recently stumbled upon on the official website of Rockstar Games.

Earlier this month, Rockstar Games put up an advertisement for the job of a Photogrammetry Artist on its website. What caught the attention of the fans was the fact that the job location was stated to be Toronto. This made a lot of them jump to the conclusion that Toronto is where GTA 6 will be set in.

A Photogrammetry Artist is someone whose job is to put together 3D models by scanning real-life objects. These 3D models, among other things, are used extensively to create elaborate landscapes in the game that are supposed to look very similar to real landscapes. One can’t help but agree with the fact that this points towards the company’s plans to set GTA 6 in a new city.

“Discuss and plan possible scan locations with Art Team, both local and international”, stated the job description. The job advert also states that the candidate should have adequate “drone flying experience and qualifications.”

GTA Rockstar Job listing

Ever since some fans started talking about this ‘discovery’, the hype around the game has increased substantially. On Reddit, GTA fans have been talking about the possibility of the gaming series shifting its base with GTA 6. Different users have different opinions on it. One user pointed out that since the Toronto division of Rockstar Games is hiring, the new location could be Canada. Another user asserted that despite all the rumors, the series will not move away from the US.

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Though there are many speculations around this subject, until an official announcement comes through from Rockstar Games, one cannot be sure about the location of GTA 6.

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