The Sims 4: Two New Major Updates For The Game Being Developed

Sims 4 game updates

Electronic Arts, publishers of the Sims series, recently stated that fans should not expect any new expansion pack of Sims 4 to release before December 2021.

They also announced that two major base updates for the game are being developed at the moment.

The Sims’ Global Community Manager, who goes by the ID @SimGuruFrost on the micro-blogging site Twitter, has stated that the content road map for The Sims 4 that the company released in early 2021, will cover the months of October, November and December.

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When a Twitter user, who happened to be a fan of the game, posed a question about the timeframe of the content, he replied that The Season of Selves covers the last three months of the year.

What this implies is that the company doesn’t have any plans of launching a new expansion of the game before the end of 2021. There is, however, a good chance of a few minor updates being released prior to that.

Apart from sharing the aforementioned update, SimGuruFrost also shared a piece of important information in another tweet. He stated that the company is currently developing ‘two base game updates’ and not much can be shared about these at the moment. There is no clarity about what these two updates will be about but there is speculation about EA releasing another Stuff Pack or Kit Pack with some downloadable content.

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In September, Electronic Arts came up with a major update for the Sims 4 which included more than 1200 color variants to the base items amounting to 149 in the game. Now, a large number of the clashing wood varieties, that left a lot of players disturbed and disoriented, have been aligned in a way that they match each other. Several new colors for cabinets, flooring, windows and curtains have been added.

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