The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Possibly Indicates a Baby Expansion Pack is Due


Being a Sims 4 fan has always been an exciting and enthralling where rumors, guesswork is never short in numbers.

Besides, with so many Sim Guru’s revealing hints all over the social media and their official blogs, we really have no choice but to succumb to those juicy speculations. The Sims 4 is getting the Nifty Knitting stuff pack after it got enough votes from fans.

Throughout their period, the developers at Maxis and Electronic Arts have been following a six-month schedule for releasing their big updates. Based on the roadmap, we can easily suggest that there is a new one coming up but if the knitting pack is any hint, this could be the baby’s expansion DLC that lots of gamers are looking forward to playing.


While similar to many other rumors of the past, there is no solid announcement from the developers unless they launch an actual trailer to confirm the next expansion pack. One of the biggest improvements in the newest upcoming release is that the team continued to give the community things to mull over, as it was being developed. They also let them choose the next pack they are looking forward to owning in a voting system which ensured players could actually pay and purchase the content they loved.

Bringing in the Baby Update

The Nifty Knitting is not the only possible hint that is being considered. A newer post, an image of all the sims avatars further showcased a baby in the hands of a man. According to a YouTuber named Plumbella, it is being claimed that the baby looks different not like how Maxis or EA usually uses it to represent a character but rather a pack in the making.

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The render is different, the baby’s face and the overall theme of the image don’t’ fit with the baby. While some simmers don’t really take this as a big hint, being able to knit clothes for a baby is not something you could say no to. The toddler-sized costumes were showcased in the blog and it is yet another hint at a possible expansion pack but for now, keep your dreams short and keep playing the Sims 4 until an announcement is out!

After all, the company has been great at surprising us gamers for months now and the game is even making its way to Steam. It will bring in more gamers which obviously means more content in the future.

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