The Sims 4 Star Wars Pack Has a Surprise Element You Should Know

In most of the game packs and DLCs released for Sims 4, players had to make use of them by knitting new clothes or going to job in the career-based expansion pack.

Having a story-driven DLC announced at Gamescom 2020 was truly one of the best moments for gamers worldwide. After all, if you could play a new story game in the world of Sims, especially when it is based on the popular franchise Star Wars, it needs no introduction.

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In the world of gaming, players often enjoy Star Wars in multiple forms. The Lego Star Wars is one of the popular iterations in multiple years. However, Electronic Arts, the publishing company behind Maxis owns the rights for the franchise which allowed them to make multiple titles like Jedi Fallen Order and the upcoming Star Wars Rogue Squadron games. They even witnessed immense success with Battlefront II because it allowed players to go head-on in a full-blown war like no other.

Introducing Star Wars to Sims

The Sims 4 has always been a more neighborhood-friendly game but Star Wars adds the action-packed experience some fans might crave. For those of you who feel the nifty knitting pack is too simple, this could possibly change your view. The game is set in the fictional planet of Batuu whereas the story will take place. Once you are set on this planet which is also part of Disney’s theme park, you have to play the role of Vi Mordai, a resistance spy looking for ways to outthrow the kingdom.

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The development team at Maxis has been quite busy despite the pandemic situation worldwide. They have continued to launch one game pack or DLC after the other, keeping gamers busy. After all, millions spent their time at home playing the game to keep themselves busy and also to experience all the additional content the developers had to offer. It paved way for some big launches like the Eco Lifestyle, the Nifty Knitting Stuff pack and lots of other stuff packs that continue to eye your wallet.

sims 4 expansion pack

Despite all the launches done so far, the Sims 4 getting a Star Wars game pack is probably the best and the biggest announcement. It was made at Gamescom 2020 which also witnessed some other big launches at the same time. The game is expected to be medium-sized and will have a new environment where you could roam around with your character.

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