The Sims 4 Just Got Better, Here’s the New Patch Notes

The Sims 4 Introduces Darker Skin Shades, Curly Hair and T-Shirt

The team at Maxis and Electronic Arts are always good at heeding to what the community wants.

They continue to deliver and the newest in the lot is a collective list of bugs fixed as well as some improvements made to the game. After all, when millions of players are playing it to overcome this pandemic situation, it wouldn’t be surprised when more bugs were spotted than before.

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In the main game, Sims 4 the error code 134 which was spotted more than once by many players, has finally be fixed. This is not just some random issue but something that has been plaguing the community in different forms. In their own developer’s note, the team confirmed that they have seen different variants of the same issue and the one spotted recently has been removed.

Sims 4

Common and Prevalent Issues Fixed

The curvature that often pointed to the roof multiple times got fixed. It is supposed to work better now. Playing a game of the Sims 4 on a controller is not one of the best experiences around yet the game is on PS4 and Xbox One console. For players who enjoy gaming on their big-screen television, the controller layout screens have been modified so as to make it easier to customize additional controls.

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These controls were spotted in the Spark’d challenges tabs and there are lots that you could customize to make the game better. An error related to the same challenge has also been fixed as some players repeatedly received an error message.

Fixing Bugs on Game Packs and DLCs

A wide range of bugs has been identified on multiple game packs and other expansion content released for the Sims 4. The Eco Lifestyle had a problem where NPCs would steal items even though the character was not supposed to do such things. In the Dine Out pack, the items in the restaurant menu were repeated multiple times for no reason which has also been fixed to make it look more authentic.

sims 4 nifty knitting pack

In the newly launched Nifty Knitting pack, MacOS and PlayStation 4 owners came across specific issues which have now been fixed. Some sims that knitted on their own will no longer do so and it is supposed to be triggered by a player. EA Access on Xbox One will now have a new logo that says EA Play because of the rebranding done within the company but there are no specific bug fixes done on the platform.

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