The Sims 4 – Three New Content Packs to be Released in the Next Six Months

Sims 5 rumors

The current version, the Sims 4, is still popular and the developer EA is ready with three new expansion packs.

In a tweet from a senior executive at EA, it has been disclosed that three new content packs will be released over the next six months. Though this confirms some of the earlier rumors, fans would be disappointed that the Sims 5 appears to be farther away now.

Is There Some Development at EA on The Sims?

There is no doubt the Sims franchise has been one of the most popular video games ever produced and people never seem to get tired of playing the game. The present version is The Sims 4 and despite the high expectation among the fans, there is no sign of the release of the Sims 5 sequel.

On the contrary, the studio is keen on keeping the gamers busy with more downloadable content (DLC) for the present version itself. While the studio has put out a blog outlining its course for the coming six months, Michael Duke, a Senior Producer at EA has disclosed the names of the new content packs as well.

According to these, there will be an expansion pack, a stuff pack and a game pack. These may not be released together, but spread over the next six months. The obvious inference is that the company is looking at the current lockdown to continue and wants its customers to stay home and enjoy playing its game.

EA has developed that model where they create these new packs and upload them to the cloud. The customers keen on playing the game using these new packs will have to pay online and download them. The payment has to be in the real currency not points accumulated within the game.

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Any Clue on What the New Content Packs Have?

The blogpost does not reveal much details but they have indicated that the players can be in for a surprise. The only disclosure is there won’t be any multiplayer packs. It has been said the new Game Pack will be a new experience and even for the team at EA, it is a first of its kind. This will create a lot of interest among the fans and they cannot wait till the pack is out for gameplay.

When there were earlier rumors of the release of the Sims 5, it was pointed out that three content packs for The Sims 4 were awaiting release. That has proved to be correct now.

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