GTA 6 Release Date: After A Lull, the Speculation is Strong Again on a Possible Announcement of Release

GTA 6 Casino

Fans of the Grand Theft Auto video game get thrilled whenever there’s even a slight hint the next version of the game, GTA 6 may be released by Rockstar.

There has been a huge volume of wild rumors and other suggestions in circulation. The present hype is linked to the users of the PS4 and Xbox One consoles that they may be receiving an update of GTA on their machines. This is being interpreted to mean that it is nothing but GTA 6 that is on the way.

Some Latch onto Obscure Hints Within GTA 5

Meanwhile, there are several hints the desperate fans are able to notice within the current game GTA 5 which may convey subtle messages of a possible GTA 6 release. Here are some of them.

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Firstly, attention is drawn to three doors in the Los Santos International Airport. These three doors strangely have the numbers 2013, 2014 and 2021 on them. The guess here is that these represent the calendar years and hold some significance. 2013 was the year GTA 5 was first officially unveiled and 2014, the year when it was first available to be played on the PS4 and Xbox One machines. Fans would love to hear that 2021 is the year the sequel will be out.


The other new inclusion in the game has sent the fans on a longish trip trying to create a peculiar spin. Consider this: in the Diamond Casino that was introduced in the GTA online game some months ago, there is a wall with some attractive graffiti. In one, the word ‘Service’ has been split into Ser and ‘Vice’. This, according to the fans denotes the Vice City that is rumored to be where most of the action in GTA 6 will be located. This at least has some credibility. There’s more to it though!

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Another wall in the Casino has ‘Diamond’ written in bold and below it appears the number ‘510’. What would this mean? Ask the GTA fan and he would claim this means the GTA 6 would be announced on October 5 (5/10). Some want to interpret it as May 10 as well. Now, it’s difficult to stop people from forming their own opinions are drawing their own conclusions on such things.

There has been no firm hint from Rockstar on when they plan to release the sequel to GTA 5. If at all, very recently, a voice actor had said in an interview that most of what is being speculated online are all rumors and there’s no substance in them. He even questioned the assumption of Vice City.

The rumor game carries on.

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