The Sims 5 Might Be Officially Announced In The Month Of October


If you’re a Sims fan waiting for The Sims 5 game for a very long time, you’re not alone. And we have some good news for you.

2 September 2014 shall remain one of the most special dates for the fans of The Sims franchise. It was the day when The Sims 4 was launched officially. Fans lapped up the game in a huge way making it an instant success. In the last eight years, the game has received a lot of appreciation from different quarters. The regular release of updates and the dynamic mechanism of the game have played important roles in ensuring that it continues to grow.

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While fans are enjoying playing The Sims 4, there is a lot of anticipation for The Sims 5. There has been a lot of buzz around the game and its release is going to be a major event in the gaming industry. While there has been a lot of speculation around the announcement date for The Sims 5, one has finally received some substantial information about it.

As per industry insider and journalist Jeff Grubb, The Sims 5 is being developed at the moment and should be officially announced in the month of October. We are in September already, so the wait wouldn’t be that long. While speaking to a leading video game website, Grubb confidently stated that The Sims 5 would be arriving soon. He further stated that he has heard murmurs about the announcement coming through next month.

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Grubb is of the belief that the big announcement will take place during the Behind The Sims Summit Livestream scheduled to be organized on October 18. This particular event was confirmed by Electronic Arts a couple of days back. The gaming publisher has stated that fans will get to know about the games and updates to be rolled out in the near future through this event.

While sharing this news, Grubb also said that fans must keep their expectations in check. While the official announcement should happen next month, he predicted that it would take a long time for the game to get an official release. He has cautioned fans to stop themselves from imagining playing the game very soon.

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