The Sims 5 Mobile Build Gets Leaked Online; What’s Revealed?

The Sims 5

The new Sims 5 mobile build leak reveals the game will come armed with Denuvo DRM.

Around two years ago, Project Rene, which happens to be the codename for The Sims 5, was officially announced by Electronic Arts. While not much is known about the game, what one is certain about is that it has been designed as a ‘free to download’ game. The leaks, that have come to the fore so far, have indicated that the game will feature apartments.

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Colour wheel, which was a much-loved feature in The Sims 3, is expected to make a comeback in The Sims 5. There will also be a multiplayer mode which will enable one to collaborate with friends. The Sims 4, which was launched almost a decade ago, continues to be popular. However, now players want to try their hands on the next game in the franchise.

A Reddit user, who is known for uploading cracked games, seemed to have stumbled upon a mobile playtest that was leaked in 2022. As per their claim, the Sims 5 will be a free-to-play game but it will feature the very controversial Denuvo DRM technology. The Sims 5 mobile build introduces us to a bunch of features that are expected to be seen in the game.

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Gaming enthusiasts would be aware of the fact that DRM is a technology that makes it difficult for one to pirate games. However, this technology has also been accused of bringing down the performance level of the games it is integrated into. Preservation also becomes difficult as one needs authentication to play the game. One loses access to the game when the authentication servers go down.

The Reddit user, after making the aforementioned claim, shared two screenshots that were supposed to be from the upcoming game. In the Sims 5 mobile build, the building’s editable part had been highlighted in a light purple color. The second image, meanwhile, featured the interiors of the building. Inside the building, one could see independent rooms that could be customized. The Reddit user also claimed that no Sims are featured in the playtest. The focus here, as per the Reddit user, is on the building.

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While the playtest is two years old, one does see an early version of the UI here. We also get a faint idea of what the gameplay could be like. It is important to note that the furniture and construction menus have been separated. One can also see the ‘Apartment Selection’ which indicates the presence of more options.

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