Titanfall 2 Free Trial Starts Next Week with New DLC and a Mission from the Single Play Campaign

Titanfall 2 Free Trial Starts

Respawn Entertainment as announced earlier has started releasing free DLC packs for the Titanfall 2 community.

Unlike the other Electronic Arts game Battlefield 1 which charges a premium to own the season pass, all new maps, weapons and titans are free to download in this game.

The latest DLC to hit the shore is named Colony Reborn. In order to commemorate the occasion and to bring more players onboard, Respawn is hosting a trial week once again from March 30th onwards. The event will last through the entire weekend. Titanfall 2 includes a single player campaign for the first time owing to player requests and surprisingly the trial week will also include a particular level from the full campaign.

Titanfall 2

While we do know how the titans fight in multiplayer matches, there is no way to find out how the single player levels would look like. Gone are the days when games had demos but being a thoughtful developer they are, the team will allow you to play a mission named the Beacon. It also includes the Training Gauntlet stage to allow new players to get a hang of how the game works and the weapons as well as the moves

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Just because it’s a free DLC doesn’t mean the content being offered is less. In Colony Reborn, players get a brand new map named Colony which is already familiar to the original Titanfall players. The map has been revised to this generation consoles with better gameplay, tight corners and ample space for the titans to battle it out. The all-out warfare in this location will take place in a small village filled with plenty of houses, rooftops for pilots to escape and many narrow corners where a single headshot could take down your opponent. It also includes a new weapon, the R 101 and an execution method Curb Check.

Titanfall 2 Free Trial Starts

Players can choose to dress up their titans in whole new ways as cosmetic items are available for Northstar and Legion including new designs, nose art, 20 different camos and call sign pack. The call sign pack includes 20 banners and 20 patches making it extremely customizable to your heart’s content. Respawn in their blog also confirmed that after the free trial week for Titanfall 2 ends on April 3rd, players will still be able to play the Training Gauntlet and the single player mission The Beacon without purchasing the full game.

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