New Android Wear Watches from Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger Announced

Android Wear

Google’s Android Wear watches are further expanding as top fashion brands are joining the fray.

Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Movado had announced their Android 2.0 smartwatches.

Buying a watch has always been a fashion statement and technology companies despite their repeated efforts didn’t manage to sell as many smart watches as they proposed. However, with notable brands like Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger among others on board, this might just reach the public the way it should. During the Baselworld 2017 event, the brands announced Android Wear 2.0 watches.

Android Wear Watches

The smartwatch from Hugo Boss is the Touch which looks subtle like any other ordinary watch would look like. But, it packs a lot of nifty features as any Android Wear should have. There is a leather strap option that makes it look conventional and easy to use. According to the announcement made by the company, it is known that the new watch will also have a heart rate sensor and NFC support. It is priced at $395 and is scheduled to get launched in the month of August.

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The Android Wear 2.0 released by Tommy Hilfiger has been named the TH24/7You. The name is easy to understand and the company seems to be trying a very casual approach to their product. By bringing it to the mainstream audience, Google may finally find the right buyers for their smartwatches. Besides, buyers are familiar with brands like Tag Heuer and Hugo Boss that they may not think twice before buying the product if the pricing seems fair.

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In terms of design, the TH24/7You uses a metal link bracelet and uses patriotic watch faces. The designs showcased in the image may not be the final version because buyers will always have plenty of customization options to go with. The watch does lack a lot of important features as it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or NFC making it inferior to its competitors’ products. The pricing is expected to be at $299 which is less expensive but missing on these features may push it behind in the smart watch race.

Android Wear

If Google brings all top brands in the fashion accessories industry to make Android Wear 2.0 watches, they do have the potential to make watches relevant again. More new models are coming in from different brands at various price points this year. We will know how it fares in stores when they get launched before the end of 2017.

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