Titanfall 2 Gets New Teaser To Show How Pilots And Titans Sync

titanfall 2 new teaser

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment has released a new Titanfall 2 teaser that showcases the strong bond a pilot and his titan shares.

The game is such a fast paced adventure that became quite popular for its vertical fights and the stylish titans. A lot of improvements have been made to the mechs so that they act and behave like they should, especially when controlled by a pilot. The teaser starts with two pilots fighting against each other in an intense battle.

titanfall 2 new teaser

When they couldn’t kill one another, they summon their titans and swiftly get into them. The process is extremely seamless that you hardly find the point where the pilot gets into his own titan. Both titans engage in intense battle and the developers have aptly mixed it with a popular Beatles song to make the teaser look more engaging.

A lot of improvements are made in Titanfall 2. The game is no longer a Microsoft exclusive that allowed the developers to invest more time and create titans with unique abilities. Unlike the previous game in which options were limited, each titan has its own powers. One of them named Torch offers fire power, literally and can lighten up the area in flames.

Another titan named Ion can blast shields and create bombs that could take down all machines in the vicinity for a short period. The game has evolved from a simple first person shooter into more of a MOBA with powers, abilities and other things that could change the gameplay completely.

Titanfall 2 is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms on October 28th. Another surprising new addition is the game’s single player campaign. The developers at Respawn commented that they were literally frustrated trying to create an engaging campaign mode. The team spent weeks to finally come up with a story that could justify the pilots and titans in the same world, going towards a single objective.

titanfall 2

We can’t wait to play this exciting game when it launches next month. When it does, Titanfall 2 is definitely going to be a prominent competitor for the two big titles – Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Each one of the FPS multiplayer title getting released this year is set in a unique world that makes them different from the other game. Probably, you should buy them all for non-stop multiplayer action.

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