Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Mode Is a Refined Version Of GTA V Online Mode

Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Mode

Ubisoft is keen on introducing Watch Dogs 2 to players who love online heists and multiplayer modes designed with PvP combat in mind.

GTA V has already launched many modes and continues to be as the most preferred title for a chaotic online experience. If we are to review Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer Bounty Mode, we can easily term it as a refined and more futuristic version of GTA Online. Everything right from hackers, cars and large cities are there. The similarities are there but the Ubisoft game stands apart as it offers players more ways to achieve their target.

In Grand Theft Auto, except for vehicles and weapons the city is virtually inaccessible. In Watch Dogs 2, you can actually hack into a phone, into security cameras and almost every digital device which makes hijacking and robbing fun. The ability to hack into any car on the go is fun and leads to insanely addictive action sequences. Players can use a remote controlled car to deliver a bomb and make it blast in a specific location could change the tide of the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Mode Is a Refined Version Of GTA V Online Mode

People who have had the opportunity to play the Bounty Mode in Watch Dogs 2 at Gamescom 2016 confirmed that the experience is nothing short of spectacular. The entire city is bustling with activity and almost every nook is accessible. Besides, it is not easy to hack into any device if you are not really quick and well aware of the controls. Fumbling to find the right buttons will decide whether you gain that tactical advantage or lose the round to the opposite team.

Despite all the good things, the game is still filled with bugs at the moment. We cannot complain though because the developers have couple more months to go before the official release. They will fix most of these bugs and glitches before the launch. It should make the multiplayer mode playable and not plain annoying as it is now.

Ubisoft has promised that they will ensure the new game is polished, high on graphical fidelity and delivers as promised. Watch Dogs met with a lot of criticism for being really limited in scope. Creating an open world game is not an easy task which is why Rockstar, developers of GTA series takes more than five years to churn out a new game. If the bugs are fixed and there is plenty of new content every time, Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer would easily beat GTA V’s online mode.

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