Top 5 features Samsung Galaxy S9 fans would love to see

Samsung Galaxy S9

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 came with a ton of new features, among them the AI-powered Bixby assistant, support for desktops through Samsung DeX, iris scanning, facial recognition and many others.

However, as usual, the Galaxy S8 is still far from being the perfect smartphone for everyone out there. People have different needs and as such, they use phones in different ways. Of course, there are those common smartphone tasks for everyone, but it takes more than the common smartphone to do more and this should be true for phones that cost more than $600.

With only a few months left before Samsung Galaxy S9 is unveiled, a lot is already doing rounds with respect to what to expect. We’ve already put together some notable rumors about the Galaxy S9, but what about what you, the readers and Sammy fans, want to see on the S9?

3.5mm audio jack

It started over a year ago, but today, it seems the idea of 3.5mm audio jacks on not just high-end phones, but basically all phones, is coming to an end. Many criticized Apple when the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came without the much-loved 3.5mm audio jack, but the iPhone fraternity has since moved on. A few other Android OEMs came on board, namely LeEco, HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi and most recently, Google.

Despite the looming changes, Samsung decided to stick to the traditional audio jack with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 despite offering a USB-C port for charging and data transfer. Due to Google’s decision to ditch the audio jack, Samsung fans are now getting concerned about what would happen to the Galaxy S9. As it is, there is still so much love out there for the 3.5mm audio jack and fans want it on the S9.

Even if the feature does make it to the Galaxy S9, it won’t be long before Sammy joins the rest of the party in ditching the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a universal USB-C port and wireless headphones.

IR Blaster

Before Samsung Galaxy S7, the Korean tech giant had a feature known as IR blaster on the Galaxy S6. Even though many people never got to use this feature, it’s indeed true that you never know what you have until it’s gone.

Samsung removed the IR blaster feature on the Galaxy S7 and did the same with the Galaxy S8, but fans would like to see the feature back with the Galaxy S9. With the IR blaster, you can easily turn your phone into a TV remote and use it to turn it off, change channels and volume levels, among other things.

Samsung’s Next Gen Chips Galaxy S9

Front-mounted fingerprint scanner

Samsung has been victimized by the bold decision it took by switching to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and it appears that fans are still unhappy with this move. As a result, they still want a return of the front-mounted fingerprint scanner, even it means having it under the display screen.

We’ve seen several patents detailing Samsung’s plans with respect to an in-display fingerprint scanner, which should give you some hope unless you are of a different idea. For years, Sammy fans had gotten used to a front-mounted sensor and all of a sudden, this changes. Even though some aren’t so much affected, it seems a return to a front-mounted sensor is favored by many. Alternatively, the fingerprint scanner can still feature on the back, but take a more central position similar to the likes of Google Nexus and Pixel phones.

Dual stereo speakers

If you are looking for the best audio experience on a smartphone, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are without a doubt the best right now. The two come with front-facing dual stereo speakers that deliver the best, all-round music listening environment – and Samsung Galaxy S9 fans want the same on the flagship.

Bigger battery

The bigger Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a decent battery unit of 3500mAh and although only 0.4 inches bigger than the screen size of the standard Galaxy S8, the latter has a significantly smaller battery capacity of 3000mAh. A shift to a bigger unit, albeit not exploding, would be a welcome idea for many Samsung Galaxy S9 enthusiasts out there.

We’ve seen the Active version of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 come in with massive 4000mAh battery units. If anything, moving to such a capacity as a standard offering across all Galaxy S9 handsets would be the best thing from Samsung, but it’s very unlikely.

1000fps slow-motion video recording

When Sony unveiled the Xperia XZ Premium earlier this year, the phone was not only the first device to be confirmed with the Snapdragon 835 processor, but it also happens to be the only one on the market with some extraordinary video recording abilities.

Using the 19MP shooter on the back of the phone, it’s possible to record short 720p (HD) slow-motion videos at 960 frames per second – and fans want a similar – or even better – feature on the Galaxy S9.

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