Tweaked Pixel Launcher brings Pixel-exclusive Features to any Android device, including Google Now pane – No root or mods required

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It’s now approaching the year mark since the Google Pixel and Pixel XL made their debut alongside an exclusive Pixel Launcher, however, smart people have already found ways of bringing this launcher to not only non-Pixel devices but also non-Google devices running on the older Android Marshmallow operating system.

It is possible to download and install the Pixel Launcher on basically any device using the APK file. While this application will work perfectly, for the larger part, there are sections or rather features that remain exclusive to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. For instance, you cannot enjoy the swipe right feature that opens Google Now pane. But this is no more thanks to a tweaked version of this same Pixel Launcher.

Fans of the Pixel Launcher can now have all the cool additions that have remained exclusive to the Google Pixel phones on their devices as well. One developer named AmirZ is behind all this, but another one called DeleteScape also helped make this a reality. When AmirZ noticed that Google was intentionally denying Pixel Launcher fans the chance to enjoy all the goodies the launcher comes with, he set out on a mission to bring these features back. Well, the new launcher shows exactly what he has been up to.

At the moment, there are people who are already enjoying the full feature set of the Pixel Launcher on their phones, however, this is not without having the phone rooted or making some modifications to the system in order to make it possible. The tweaked Pixel Launcher has nothing to do with mods or rooting. You simply get the app and install it on your device and that’s it.

If you had already installed the Pixel Launcher on your phone, make sure you remove it before installing this modified version (the two use the same package name). As noted, features such as the Google Now pane, swiping everywhere to open the app drawer and the smooth G pill animation are all available, among others.

The developers of this launcher have made the code open source, which means that willing parties will have to come in with updates and fixes for any future issues. If you are okay with having to trust some random person to port every update that Google’s rolls out to the Pixel Launcher, feel free to hit the source link below, where you’ll also find the download link.

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